Artist Bio

“It is the fluid motion of molten glass that attracts me so much to the torch. Borosilicate has quickly become my glass of choice because of the colors I can achieve with striking rods and fuming techniques. I let the colors flow freely to achieve a rich color pallet in each original piece. Glass is truly the perfect artistic medium for me; it allows me to create abstract works while maintaining intricate detail.”

Caleb Noble
Caleb’s fascination with glass began at the age of fourteen when he bought a hand-blown borosilicate pendant as a vacation souvenir. He became fixated with finding out how such a unique and stunning design could be achieved in glass. When he got home he bought a Hot-Head beginners torch and began experimenting with the basics of glass working. Caleb quickly realized that he wanted to learn more of the intricacies of glass art.

It was at this point that he connected with glass artist Brook Hoskins of Wildfire Productions Glass Studio and began to learn the techniques of flame working as well as setting up and managing a studio. At fifteen years old, he was assisting Brook at his art shows, and by sixteen as a sophomore in high school he was accepted into his first juried art show on his own. After mastering the basic techniques of flame working with Wildfire Productions he built his own studio where he continued to develop his own style and technique.